Okinawa has a very dynamic landcaspes and dive site that fits perfectly to many different levels of diving experience. Some dive site are perfect if you need more time to go slowly and get back to the water, if you need more practice while have fun or if you are on training courses, however, some others dive sites requires more technique and experience due to the type of environment and specific skills are required in order to assure fun and safety. Check it out which dive site fits better for you and get in contact to book your adventure.

Doesn´t matter which one you pick, Okinawa never let you down!

Gorilla Chop All divers / Max. Depth 12m

Located at the north of Motobu area, Gorilla Chop is one of the most popular site for beginner divers, training courses and snorkeling programs. Easy access by the shore, sandy botton surrounded by hard and soft corals formations. It is a perfect spot to see nudibranches, anemone fish, damselfish and school of sardines. It is a great start for a week diving and prepare yourself to visit places like Maeda and Manza.

Sunabe SeaWall All divers / Max. Depth 22m

Sunabe is located in Chattan in front a big city but do not understimate the potential here. This is one of the most beautiful, colourful and healthy soft corals you will see anytime soon. The marine life variety is incredible such as green turtle pygmy seahorse, whipcoral shrimp, hermit crab, blue ringed octopus and more, after this you will love to join us at Mermaid Grotto or Zampa.

Maeda / Yamada All divers / Max. Depth 24m

Maeda Blue Cave is the most popular dive site in Okinawa. It is a very beautiful natural formation and it is possible to surface anytime inside the cave. The marine life here is impressive and the environment is really interesting. Loads of crevice, walls and very ofter turtles can be spotted around the outreef, octoupus hiding on the droff, trumpetfish and Parrotfish cleaning the rocks. After this dive you´ll probably be interested to find out what´s hidden underneath the surface in Minna and Kadena.

Minna & Sesoko All divers / Max. Depth 22m

There is no doubt about this site! Minna island is the best spot to check the stunning table corals, beautiful hard coral formations and stunning visibility. Very often we can see turtles, trevally and it is the only site in the main island that we can spot the gourgeous Ribbon Moray eel. At Sesoko Island to see the white tip reef shark and the volcanic maze of The Labyrinth. To your next trip Kerama would the best option.

Manza Experienced divers / Max. Depth 30m

If you are an experienced or advanced diver and seek for adventure, this is the site we recommend to you. The nature is manza is very generous and its a very dynamic location. Here you can experience big wall, crevices, caves, deep, sharks, giant trevally, turtles, macrophotography and the possibilities goes beyond. After this you are ready to enjoy USS Emmons and Hedo.

Mermaid Gotto Experienced divers / Max. Depth 30m

This site is an extension of Manza dive site with access by the shore and the pass leads you to an amazing platform covered by hard corals. The marine life impress and it a home for many green turtles, octpus, giant pufferfish and the great barracuda. The landscape is very dynamic and you can enjoy fantastic swimming through and find out surrounded by lobsters and batfish on the way out. You can find similar adventure on the dive site called HorseShoe.

HorseShoe Experienced divers/ Max. Depth 30m

This is an amazing adventure! Although the access by the shore might be a bit tiring, this is definetly a great and recommended site. This is a place to see big shark! The Oceanic Black Tip Reef Shark approach to the wall to hunt fish and that is exactly what we want to see. Even if the idea of the dive is to spot the shark it is always a gambling dive since this animals can cover huge area searching for preys. It is definetly beautiful and a great dive is guaranteed. Also check Manza for another great dive.

Zampa Cliff Experienced diver / Max. Depth 40m

The cliff of Zampa is the most different site in Okinawa. No other environment in the island is similar to this one. It´s just an stunning and misterious dive site with a mix between wall dive, interesting swim-thorugh, pinneacles formations, cavern, drift dive and unexpected encounters. We might have chance to see animals like Napoleon fish and tuna. Take a look at Hedo and Kerama, you might love it.

USS Emmons Experienced AOWD / Max. Depth 45m

During the World War II many people lost their lives on both sides. Okinawa was the scenario of one of the most terrible battle on the pacific and the history still remain intact after over 76 year. After being striked by 6 Kamikaze aircraft, the Shipwreck was sunked by the Americans and laying down in the botton since then. Definetly an amazing and epic dive. If you are interested please get in contact to check the minimum pre-requistes for this dive. We reccommend to have Deep dive specialty course for this dive.

Hedo Dome and Twin Gods Rock Experienced AOWD – Max. Depth 40m

Hedo Dome is massive air pocket cave inside the cliff, only accessible from under the water, making it probably the most challenging dive in Okinawa. Inside the dome, where you can come up to the surface, the salt and freshwater is creating a unique mix of thermocline and giant stalactites are hanging from the ceiling of this limestone cave. Together with the dome if the conditions allows, it is a great blue water drift dive along the Hedo coast crossing through the Twin Gods Rock. Absolutly stunning dive!!