Discovery Scuba Diving

This will be one of the most wonderful experience you can have in a life time. With time, patience and a good professional your first breath underwater will open you eyes to a whole new world full on incredible creatures and amazing places that you would never imagine. After this experience is more likely you to join us and take you first step towards to the Open Water Diver course.

Experience details and requirements

From 10 year old (Parents or guardian signatures and presence is required).

No specific swimming skills are required on this level. But it is important to feel comfortable in the water and some basic skills are recommend. The Discover Scuba Diving experience is not a qualifying course, however, you can can credits for your Open Water Diver Course.

At the moment you sign up you´ll receive a booklet with information about the adventure. On this booklet you will find the most basic knowledge and some skills that will help you to feel comfortable and have a great experience.

With a PADI instructor you will review all the information about the experience and practice all the basics skills in a pool or in the ocean in a pool like condition, shallow enough to stand up if necessary. You will practice how to breath, how to take the pressure from your ears, clean you mask and regulator, best position to swim underwater and a few more interesting things but not less important.

Once you learn the basic skills and feel relaxed, your are ready to start the adventure and take your first breath underneath the waves. The maximum depth on this activity is 12m, but it does not mean that you must go, in order to keep safe and comfortable we keep the depth that you will feel like home, but flying at the same time!!


Towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, windshield jacket, water and some snacks are the basic kit for all the participants. Make sure you have all you might need, the sun during the summer in Okinawa could be very challenging so we recommend to bring a rash guard with UV protection and a cap.


Depending on the location we will meet at the shop at 8 am. Please make sure to arrive at least 10 minutes ahead of time so we can have a chat and fill the necessary forms before you training get started. Meeting point and time can be different depending on where you are staying.

After this activity you will be able to:

Sign up in to a Open Water Diver Course;

Tell to your friends how amazing is this adventure;

Share photos of your diving experience;

Make new friends and keep great memories;

Join to Open Water Diver Course