Special Tours

Seasonal tours around Okinawa and International trips available

There are some diving experiences that only happens seasonally in Japan and we have the perfect package waiting for you. In addition on that, our Special Tours program includes private boat charters in Okinawa and international diving tours.

Yonaguni Island, The Westernmost Island in Japan

(January to March)

Yonaguni Island is the westernmost island of Japan, with a distance of 111 kilometers to the neighboring country Taiwan, significantly closer than the Okinawa Main Island which is 509 kilometers away. Irizaki, the westmost part of the island, has a stone monument indicating that it is the westernmost place in Japan, and it is a popular tourist attraction to visit. This is the location to view the last sunset in Japan. The time spent watching the sun set quietly as it paints everything beyond the horizon in vivid red is a special moment that can only be experienced by those visiting the island.

The sea surrounding Yonaguni is known for being one of the few places in the world to encounter hammerhead sharks. There is even a chance to see a group of over 100 hammerheads swimming, especially off the southern coast of Irizaki, the western end of the island, a place divers worldwide yearn to visit.

A group of megaliths lying on the seabed of Yonaguni Island have a total length of approximately 100 meters, a width of approximately 60 meters, and a height of approximately 25 meters. How the mysterious topography of steps, stone pillars, and other structures that appear to be man made were formed remains under investigation. While there has been a map created with names assigned to each spot, there are supposedly other unknown features as well. Were they naturally formed or built by hand? On Yonaguni Island, you can enjoy this mysterious underwater landscape by going on a diving tour or taking a tour on an underwater sightseeing boat. 

Aguni Island, A Tornado as you never seeing

(May to June)

Aguni Island is located approximately 60 kilometers northwest of the main island of Okinawa. The island features a complex topography. Although the western coastline of the island consists of high cliffs, it gradually lowers towards the eastern coast, where sandy beaches surrounded by developing coral reefs can be found. 

 This is a daily trip leaving early morning from Naha. We spend a day in the boat and its better to come prepared for the raining season. Despite of that, underwater amazing encounter is expected with animals like Giant Trevally, school of barracudas and Napoleon Fish. The drift dive cross a huge volcanic area so you can expected beautiful landscapes and clear water.

The highlight of this trip is the massive fish tornado. Jackfish or Big Eye Trevally. The bigeye trevally are found throughout large portions of tropical Indo-Pacific and forming a massive swirls neing one of the most amazing events under the water.

Tonaki Island, Thousand of buttleflies over a stunning colorful coral reef

(August to November)

Tonaki Island is located about 58 kilometers northwest of the main island of Okinawa and about 40 minutes from Kerama Islands. The boat trip takes around 2 hours. The island is surrounded by coral reef and big wall and it is by far one of the most beautiful scenarios is Okinawa.

 This is a daily trip leaving early morning from Naha. We spend a day in the boat. There are a few dive spots to explore by drift dive where you will be able to explore tunnels, cave, big walls and swimming thousand of buttefly fish. This places is also well know for the green turtles and sometimes over than 20 turtles can be spotted in a single dive.

This is a very relaxing dive and perfect trip for new divers who wants to expericing the further islands in OKinawa. The water is warm and the visibility is amazing this time of the year.