Kerama Islands


Boat dive entry – All Drift

Keramas are a group of 36 island that belongs to the National Park of Keramas, located 45 minutes of navigation from Naha or a bit longer depending on which port we are using on the day trip. It is one of the most popular places for diving due its emerald blue waters, variety of marine life and stunning coral formations. If we are lucky we can spot from sharks, turtles or even Manta rays. During the winter season we might be able even to see Humpback whales from the boat. Minnajima is a very similar environment on the main island. Check it out.


Towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, windshield jacket, water and some snacks are the basic kit for all divers. Since we are going to spend all day in the boat you should bring something else to eat. If you are afraid of seasickness you might like to take some pills at least 30 minutes before go onboard. There are toilets and shower in the boat and remember to bring your camera. The islands are amazingly stunning!!!


The departure time is set to 8:30 am, the boat operation has a standard operation time. We decide which boat we are going to use on the day before based on the schedule of each boat and sea conditions. We might meet at the shop in the morning to go together or we can decide a meeting point nearby the place you are staying.