Rescue Diver

Many people claim to be the most challenging course, this is because the PADI Rescue Diver course provides through simulations real rescue situations that can happen in and out of water. You will learn how to proceed in emergencies and the protocols to be followed from the initial approach to the arrival of the emergency medical system. Learn to prevent and manage problems.​

Course details and requirements

From 12 year old (Parents or guardian signatures and presence is required). Junior Advanced Open water certification or equivalent is required. From 15yo Advanced Open Water certification or equivalent is required.

The Junior Rescue Diver Certification (12 to 14yo). From 15yo the certification can be upgraded to Rescue Diver.

Is requested for all the divers to have a valid Emergency First Response training certification on the past 24 month. If you don´t have any previous training, please contact us. Click here to check the EFR section.

E-learning is available – Quoted prices are not included, please get in contact if you prefer to start the Knowledge Development by e-learning. 2 days training course.

Day 1: Land & Pool training – You will learn and practice situations that might occur during a unusual day in a dive operation, how to administrate the first response rescue procedures, how to prevent and the steps to follow in a rescue situation;

Day2: Simulation & Scenarios – Everything that you practice in the pool will but put in practice in the ocean through “live action” scenarios. Be ready to save someone!

All the open water scenarios are performed by the shore so the students can have time to keep doing repetitions and practicing each skills in a good pace.

Aiming to develop the best skills as possible we limit to a number of 4 students per instructor.

  • All the skills must be performed demonstrating confidence, comfort and coordination.


Towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, windshield jacket, water and some snacks are the basic kit for all divers. Make sure you have all you might need, the sun during the summer in Okinawa could be very challenging so we recommend to bring a rash guard with UV protection and a cap.


On the very first day we will meet at the shop at 8 am. Please make sure to arrive at least 10 minutes ahead of time so we can have a chat and fill the necessary forms before you training get started. All the other days will be informed in the afternoon according to the weather condition, tides and locations.

After the completion of the course you will be able to:

Be ready to get yourself in action;

Prevent situation that might occur in a dive operation;

Emergency management;

Give to someone a second chance;

Join to DiveMaster Course or become a Master Scuba Diver;