Plan your trip

On this page you are going to find some tips to improve your fun time in Okinawa.

To start, remember to always plan your trip ahead and make the reservations when required, especially on the summer when the popular places are always fully booked or crowded.

We are located in the middle of the island, most precisely in Kibougaoka at Onna Village. It takes about 1 hour from Naha Airport.


We would recommend you stay nearby our shop. its going to be convenient to move all dive sites in Okinawa and we can pick you up free. attaching some reasonable Hotel information.


Your options from the airport are: bus, taxi, rental car or you can ask us to pick you up. Check below the links and approximated prices or each options.

LOCAL BUS #120: This bus is a really long trip, it stops every single bus stop in the way in all the villages in Okinawa along the Road 58. It takes up to 2 and half hour and it goes until Nago Bus Terminal, You can use the local bus to visit many different areas but be ready for long travel.

Price Range: Naha to Halekulana Okinawa Mae – 1.380

OKINAWA AIRPORT SHUTTLE: This bus stop in the local bus stops, it takes around 1 and half to 2 hours depending on the traffic. You also can use this one to visit Churaumi Aquarium and other location up in the north area.

Price range: ¥1.600 No need reservation/Check the time table/Bus Stop Halekulani OAS09

OKINAWA LIMOUSINE BUS: This bus stop inside the hotel and resorts, if you are staying in one of the hotels listed on the website we recommend to use this one and you will avoid carry your luggage around.

Price range: from¥2.000 (or depending on which hotel you are staying) – In general you don´t need to make a reservation, you can go to the information corner at the airport and purchase a ticket, however, in the summer used to be fully booked and we recommend to book in advance.

TAXI: This is the most expensive way to travel, but much more comfortable and efficient than bus. If you are staying up to the Onna Village the prices goes around ¥11 to ¥17.000, usually cheaper than the main land but still quite a bit of money that you could spend on diving. It takes around 1 hour amd 15 minutes from the Airport to our dive shop.

No need reservation, just get out of the airport, give a signal to the drive, jump on and go!

CAR RENTAL OKINAWA AIRPORT: By far the best away to travel. It takes than 20 minutes to get the car and go. All your trip will be much more flexible and fun to explore.

In Okinawa you will need a transportation due to the distances between the dives sites, sightseeing, restaurants and all the touristic stuff. Make sure you pack you drive license or if your international license is valid in Japan.

We also recommend to hire a full insurance, they are too many bad drives and too many tourists driving, it´s very common to see some accidents around. See links below.

Price range: 6.000 (per day)

DIVER´S 7 PICK UP AND DROP OFF SERVICES: If you don´t have a drive´s license or you don´t want to spend a bunch of money on taxi or long hours in the bus, we can offer to pick you and drop you off at the Naha Airport. If you want to hire this service you have to book at the moment you book your dives, we will set our schedule base on this information. We cannot guarantee we will have schedule available if you decide to hire this service after you book your dive.

If you are staying around Onna Village with 10 minutes driving distance, the pick up is free, however, if you are far than this we charge will a pick up fee, see below.


Naha/Ginowan : 5.000 each way (maximum 4 person) – Summer ¥10.000

Nago/Chattan/Sunabe/Yomitan: ¥4.000 each way (additional passanger +¥500 – maximum 4 person)