Meet our team

Ryuichi Yamamoto, PADI MSDT

This is Ryuichi Yamamoto but you can call him Ryu.  Ryu is an explorer and passionate diver, a truly diving machine. 

Ryu can brief and teach in Japanese and English, communicative, friendly and smile all the time. His core skills are wide under photography, equipment settings and teaching entry level courses.

  • PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer # 443927
  • PADI EFR Instructor

Yuji Okamoto, PADI Course Director & Owner

Okamoto is a very avid and experienced diver. Very carismatic and a young spirit. His core skills are teaching rescue, professional levels and techdive course.
He is the head of the diving operation in Izu Peninsula and Okinawa, always motivating employees to offer the best of Diver´s 7 and offer the best services to our clients. He don´t speak english but we are working to change it!! 😉

  • PADI Course Director # 828194
  • PADI Specialty Instructor Trainer
  • PADI EFR Instructor Trainer
  • PADI TecRec Deep Instructor Trainer
  • DAN OXYGEN Instructor Trainer
  • IANTD TrimixDiver # 183993
  • Diver # 60045981721
  • First-class vessel
  • Shizuoka District Marine Rescue Japan Shizuoka Wide Area DRS Rescue Station Rescue Worker

Hiroko, PADI MSDT & Owner

Hiroko is the heart of the company and Okamoto´s wife. She is a very experienced diver and a sea lover. She loves to be surrounded by people and help them to get the best of their dive. Her core skills are teaching entry level courses, administration and bring people together.

She is focused on the diving operations in Izu Peninsula and eventualy she comes to Okinawa to have some fun with us and put order in the house! 🙂

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer # 830649
PADI EFR Instructor
PADI Specialty Instructor
DAN OXYGEN Instructor
Diver # 60067506071

What does Diver´s 7 mean?

Since ancient times the human race has being creating new words to describe the environments, describe connections and finally explain the world we live based on their history, culture, beliefs and their interactions.

From Mesopotamia about 2300BC, Persians, Indians, passing through the Romans, Arabs, medieval Europe, age of navigations until modern days all over the world, the term “Seven Seas” has being used to describe a stream, body of water, lagoon, rivers or even the seas that connects with a portion of land or creates more connections with more water bodies.

As Diver´s 7 this is exactly what we want. We are creating a space that people like us can connect, share, experience and enjoy the sea. People from everywhere, divers from all the Seven Seas and with the ocean that connects us to everyone and everywhere we enjoy and share great time together.