Price List

All the prices quoted include 10% Japanese sales tax. All prices are displayed by program, dive site, rental gear and extra services. Please get in contact to check about Monthly Deals.

Boat Dives For Certified Divers
Diving fees includes boat, guide, weights and tanks.
2 Boat Dives (Maeda/Manza/Zampa)Ұ15.000
2 Boat Dives (Minnajima/Sesoko)Ұ16.000
2 Boat Dives (Hedo/USS Emmons)Ұ20.000
2 Boat Dives (USS Emmons Nitrox 29%)Ұ28.000
Extra DiveҰ5.000
3 Boat Dives KeramaҰ20.000
3 Boat Dives TonakiҰ22.000
3 Boat Dives AguniҰ25.000
Shore Dives For Certified Divers
Diving fees includes guide, weights and tanks.
2 Shore Dives
Gorilla Chop/Sunabe/Kadena/Mermaid Grotto/ Toilet Bowl/ Tengan Pier
Extra DiveҰ5.000
Night Dive *Single Dive (Flashlights not included)
Sunabe/Maeda/Mermaid Grotto
Discover Scuba Diving Program
All gear and material included
2 Shore Dives (Gorilla Chop or Sunabe)Ұ15.000
2 Boat Dives (Maeda Blue Cave)Ұ18.000
2 Boat Dives (Minnajima)Ұ20.000
PADI Scuba Diving Course ProgramDuration and other featuresPrice
Open Water Diver 3 days (Confined Water traing – 4 Open Water Dives – Rental gear included)Ұ60.000
Advanced Open Water Diver2 days (5 adventure dives – Rental gear included)Ұ45.000
Open Water Diver + Advanced Open Water Diver5 days (Confined Water traing – 9 Open Water Dives – Rental gear included)Ұ90.000
Rescue Diver2 days (Pool training – 2 Open Water Scenarios – Equipment NOT included)Ұ45.000
Rescue Diver + EFR2 days (Classroom – Pool training – 2 Open Water Scenarios – Equipment NOT included)Ұ60.000
Emergency First Response – EFR1 day (Classroom and practice FA/CPR/EAD)Ұ20.000
Deep Diver Specialty1 or 2 days (3 or 4 deep dives – Equipment NOT included)Ұ45.000
Nitrox Specialty #11 day – Theory onlyҰ15.000
Nitrox Specialty #21 day – Theory + 1 Shore Dive (Equipment NOT included)Ұ18.000
Nitrox Specialty #32 days – Theory + 2 Boat Dives (Equipment NOT included) Ұ25.000
Under Water Digital Photography Specialty2 days – 4 dives (Equipment NOT included) Ұ45.000
Diver Master (Pro level)Minimum 3 weeks – Training fees only (Extra costand Equipment NOT included – Consult us). Ұ100.000
Diving Courses by e-learningEntry level only – Consult us.Ұ10.000
Scuba Diving Equipment Rental Fees / Per day
*Diving Computer is not included on the Full Kit
Full Scuba Diving Kit (Mask, Snorkel, Suit, Boots, Fins, BCD and Regulator)Ұ5.000
Mask and SnorkelҰ1.000
Fins and BootsҰ1.000
Wetsuit (5mm)Ұ1.500
Diving ComputerҰ1.500
First Stage Yoke AdapterҰ500
Pony Bottle Steel 4L + 1st & 2nd StageҰ1.500
Nitrox tank (Max. 40%)Ұ2.000


Pick-up and drop-off at Onna Village is free.

Please get in contact in you are staying at Motobu, Chattan, Yomitan, Ginowan and Naha and airport. Pick-up/Drop-off fee might be applicable depeding on the dive site.

For more information, please check the page “plan you trip“.

Please get in contact for more information, we are looking forward to hearing from you!