Jackfish tornado season – April to June – Aguni Tour

Jackfish tornado at Aguni Island

Every year an amazing event happen between April and June. They come together with the oceanic current called “Kuroshio” and use the strong currents to cross the pacific. At this period of time they also need to take a break, recovery strength and feed to keep their long journey along the indo-pacific.

The Jackfish tornado is one of the most beautiful and spectacular natural events and every year thousands of divers come to testify this incredible moment.

Aguni Island is located approximately 60 kilometers northwest of the main island of Okinawa. The island features a complex topography. Although the western coastline of the island consists of high cliffs, it gradually lowers towards the eastern coast, where sandy beaches surrounded by developing coral reefs can be found. 

Underwater, a few amazing encounter is expected with animals like Giant Trevally, school of barracudas and Napoleon Fish. The drift dive cross a huge volcanic area so you can expected beautiful landscapes and clear water.

The highlight of this trip is the massive fish tornado. Jackfish or Big Eye Trevally. The bigeye trevally are found throughout large portions of tropical Indo-Pacific and forming a massive swirls being one of the most amazing events under the water.

We invite all of you to join our trip. The dates has being released and you can book your trip. Please get in contact for more information, sure to the nature of the dive there are some prerequisites that the divers must to fit on.

You can also join some of our other daily trip and prepare yourself for this event. Get in contact, tell us your goals and we will help you to tech them up and make you ready for loads of amazing dives, including Aguni trip.

The prerequisites includes advanced certification, experienced diver, experience on drift dives, negative entry, fast entry and exit, great buoyancy control and no problems to perform equalization.

The reason for this prerequisites is due to the location, distances and enjoyment of all customers. All the reasons has been considered primarily the safety and secondly the enjoyment since for many divers this will be once in a life time trip and we want to make sure it will be as amazing as it is.

We are waiting for you join us this amazing trip!!!


DAY TRIP TO AGUNI¥25.000 (Equipment not included);
3 Dives (including insurance, boat, weights, tanks, and guide fees);
Pick up available;
Leaving from Naha Port;
Groups not bigger than 5 divers;
Photo gift;
Rental gear available ¥5.000 (Full scuba kit);

The day before your trip we offer 20% discount for boat dives in Manza, Maeda and Minnajima (Deal available only for Aguni trip subscribed).

April – 25th (New Spots Available) – 2 spots
May – 30th; 31st – Fully Booked

June 4th; 5th – 3 spots

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