Your next GOLDEN WEEK destination: OKINAWA

The Golden Week is a combination of four National Holidays in Japan and it takes seven days placed between weekends. With Obon and New Year is one of the most expected and busiest holidays in Japan.

The national holidays that makes the Golden Week are: Showa Day (April 29th); Constitution Day (May 3rd); Greenery Day (May 4th) and Children´s Day (May5th).


Book now! That´s the Golden Tip! Everyone is planning to do something or go somewhere. And that´s why you are reading this article now. Hotels usually gets fully booked, rental cars run out of cars and diving companies get fully booked very quickly.

In Okinawa could not be not different. Every year thousands of people is really looking for the Golden Week holidays to go warm up just after the winter and Okinawa has an excellent temperature, the weather usually is pretty awesome this time of the year. The temperature tops 27C, sunny days, warm and flat sea making Okinawa the most wanted touristic and dive site in the country. So, do not let to plan your trip later, plan now, book now and guarantee you place in the sun.

If you need more tips to plan your trip, please feel free to dig in our website, there are more tips to help you to book and decide your next step.


Yes! We still have plenty of space so far, but not for too long. That´s why you should get in contact and book your dive right now. Most of the dive sites are open and there are opportunities to dive pretty much in all the great sites around the island.

The wind usually blows from the east which makes the sea on the west coast glass-flat! Awesome, flat, blue and warm! What a combination huh?!

We have prepared some special deals for those who book in advance, so don´t lose this opportunity. It´s a LIMITED TIME OFFER! Check the poster in the top of this page.

Many people would prefer to come pre GW or after GW, but still a bit busy on the week before and after. It doesn´t matter when you come you should book in advance all the services you need.

Diving courses is less likely to be available during the Golden Week holiday due to the number of divers that is looking for get salty after winter. We recommend to come a week after when everything starts to get a bit calm here, less crowds in the dive sites and more space to practice. But still, you can book now and start you training before that.

For beginner divers we really recommend to dive in Sunabe, Maeda and Minnajima. After that your skills might be better to experience more challenging site like Manza.

For experienced dives our first recommendation is definitely Manza and that will prepare you for Cape Hedo, Zanpa and the most wanted, USS Emmons. With you are seeking adventure we would love to take you by the shore to see Mermaid Grotto and Horse Shoe.

In both cases Kerama Islands is a good call to have a day trip and relax, long boat navigation and spending a day in the blue sea cannot be a difficult life right? Definitely not!

We hope to hear from you guys very soon!! It will be a great Golden Week! See yaaa!!

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