Diver´s 7 Okinawa – PADI 5 star Instructor Development Dive Resort

Time to descend and explore, discover and experience the Ryukyu Islands from the bottom

Fun dives in Okinawa – Explore from North to the South

Explore, discover and experience all the best dive sites around Okinawa Island with a great team. Join our seasonal special tours in the most wanted dive sites in the island. You will experience a variety of dynamics environments composed by stunning soft coral, colorful hard corals, rock and sandy bottom, big walls, limestones, swimming through and a huge variety of marine life throughout the four season. Okinawa is a perfect spot for all kinds of divers and photographers, stunning and breathtaking above an below the surface.

Learn from the basics to professional levels with PADI and experience the way the world learns to dive to explore amazing dive sites safely with confidence

It´s time to take your first step into a new world! A life full of adventure and amazing dive sites, friendly people, beautiful places and incredible marine life.

Diver´s 7 Okinawa as a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Dive Resort is ready to offer you a with full range of diving programs. We follow all PADI standards and guidelines, quality control and excellence of customer services with a qualified team to offer the best training you can have as fun as you never imagine!

If you are worried about getting a diving license, join Discover Scuba Diving . This program allows you to dive down to a depth of 12 meters, even if you have no diving experience. With the support of an instructor, you can enjoy the underwater world for the first time.

Ready to start? signing up to the entry levels course such as Open Water Diver, Advanced Diver and Rescue Diver.

3 days / 60,000JPY
2 days / 40,000JPY

Now it´s time to get ready for the leadership. We will lead you to your gateway for an amazing life on the Pro level – The Dive Master Course.

On the way till here, can also join our specialties courses to help you to improve your diving skills and knowledge to prepare your to be the best diver you can be and explore all the best dive sites around the world!

Go beyond! We are now offering PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor course. You now can schedule you IDC course in Okinawa with an excellence training in the best dive destination in Japan. Learn how to teach scuba diving allows you to share you passion about the aquatic world, transforming lives and enriching yours. Are you feeling ready for this new adventure? Join us and we will show you the way and lead you in your path to this amazing new life!

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