Jackfish tornado season – April to June – Aguni Tour

Every year an amazing event happen between April and June. They come together with the oceanic current called “Kuroshio” and use the strong currents to cross the pacific. At this period of time they also need to take a break, recovery strength and feed to keep their long journey along the indo-pacific. The Jackfish tornadoContinue reading “Jackfish tornado season – April to June – Aguni Tour”


It is a common sense Scuba Dive is a very safe activity, promotes well-being, its super fun and is the best way to see amazing creatures that most of the people you know will never be able to see it. However, this activity also can bring serious concern if safety procedures are not been takingContinue reading “15 ESSENTIAL TIPS TO DIVE SAFELY”

Your next GOLDEN WEEK destination: OKINAWA

The Golden Week is a combination of four National Holidays in Japan and it takes seven days placed between weekends. With Obon and New Year is one of the most expected and busiest holidays in Japan. The national holidays that makes the Golden Week are: Showa Day (April 29th); Constitution Day (May 3rd); Greenery DayContinue reading “Your next GOLDEN WEEK destination: OKINAWA”

We answer the 7 most frequently asked questions about Scuba Diving

Are you interested in diving? That idea sounds really interesting, right? After all, the benefits of diving are many! Diving relieves stress and tension, helps to improve breathing capacity and tones muscles. It also promotes a feeling of relaxation to the body, thanks to the balance and the sea breeze, essential factors for this well-being.Continue reading “We answer the 7 most frequently asked questions about Scuba Diving”